WSU Engagement

I had a lot of fun over the summer photographing this couple, Amy and Erik, at WSU. They graduated from there and wanted to do their engagement session there because it has a special meaning for them – it’s where they fell in love. I couldn’t be happier for them and for the fact that I got to shoot at my old alma matter. I also got to shoot some nature scenes around the Palouse since it’s considered a world-wide destination among photographers!

Amy & Erik enjoyed touring the newer additions of the campus with me as I photographed them. We each got to go to our favorite restaurants including Sellas Calzone and Pizza and Cougar Country Drive In.

I like doing engagement sessions because it allows me to get to know the couple really well and what will work the best for their photos during the wedding day. While getting to know them more on the shoot, I discovered that Erik played trumpet in the jazz band at WSU. I also played trumpet there but played in the less talented 2nd jazz band. It’s fun learning these types of things about the couples I photograph!


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