Mt. Rainier Proposal and Engagement Photo Session with Shane & Kyra

I was contacted in August by Shane who said he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Kyra, when they visited Mt. Rainier from another state. He asked me if I could photograph him proposing to her and then take some photos of them around the mountain. He was really good at keeping this a big secret from Kyra all the way up to the time he proposed.

Although that entire week was full of good weather, the day he proposed happened to be cloudy with fog. The fog actually provided great lighting and turned Mt. Rainier into the perfect photo studio! It all turned out really well with the unusual weather providing some interesting scenery for their photos as you can see below. They ended their special day with some bubbly on the mountain.

After the photo day on Rainier, they enjoyed a Dave Matthews concert at The Gorge for the Labor Day Weekend before flying back to their home.

I enjoyed being on the mountain with these two great people who allowed me to capture a special time in their life. Thanks to Shane for connecting with me online to setup this special photo session. A big congrats to Shane and Kyra!!!