Mt. Rainier Engagement | H+R

Halima and Rehan love national parks and wanted to visit Washington to get some engagement photos taken of them at Mt. Rainier National Park. After flying from the East Coast, they spent a short time in Seattle and then stayed at an Airbnb in the little town of Ashford that is just outside the park entrance. It was the perfect place for Northwest charm and convenient access to the park.

I met them at their Airbnb. I came with my camera in hand and Rehan with a bag of Vivace coffee beans that he gave to me. This was definitely the right way to start off a photo session! I happen to think Vivace is the best espresso in Seattle and I always recommend them to out-of-state visitors that want a better coffee experience than Starbucks.

After we took some photos around the Airbnb, we headed up the mountain. The weather didn’t cooperate for being able to see Rainier but that didn’t stop us from having fun seeing all the beauty surrounding it. The overcast skies worked in our favor for good diffused portrait lighting.

While on our engagement photo session, we encountered deer, marmots, squirrels, a beautiful blue butterfly, and a few wildflowers leftover from their peak season. Below are photos of a few of those things and the fun spots I took this nice couple to for their engagement photos.

Congratulations to Halima and Rehan!!!

Airbnb in Ashford near Mt. Rainier.
Hiking at Mt. Rainer.
Mt. Rainier engagement photo.
At Mt. Rainier for engagement photography session with Tatoosh Range in background.