Morgan & Gavin Tie The Knot at Springwood Ranch

Springwood RanchI had a good time photographing Morgan and Gavin’s engagement photos during the winter at Central Washington University in Ellensburg and Suncadia. Here is a link to their engagement photos: Morgan & Gavin engagement session I was looking forward to photographing Morgan and Gavin again but this time in much better weather than 17 degrees and snowing!

They started off their wedding day with the first look in pleasant weather at Suncadia… Springwood Ranch 002Springwood Ranch 003Springwood Ranch 004Springwood Ranch 005Springwood Ranch 006Springwood Ranch 007Springwood Ranch 008Springwood Ranch 009Springwood Ranch 010Springwood Ranch 011Springwood Ranch 012Springwood Ranch 014Springwood Ranch 015Springwood Ranch 016Springwood Ranch 017Springwood Ranch 018 Because Morgan is an expert in wine and even got her certification as a sommelier, we thought it would be good to do photos in the wine cellar at Suncadia. Springwood Ranch 019Springwood Ranch 020Springwood Ranch 021Springwood Ranch 023Springwood Ranch 070Springwood Ranch 024Springwood Ranch 025After some bridal party photos at Suncadia, we drove to Springwood Ranch for the ceremony and reception. Springwood Ranch 026Springwood Ranch 028Springwood Ranch 030Springwood Ranch 032Springwood Ranch 033Springwood Ranch 031Springwood Ranch 035Springwood Ranch 036 This was my first time photographing a wedding where they actually tied the knot. Springwood Ranch 037Springwood Ranch 039Springwood Ranch 038Springwood Ranch 040Springwood Ranch 041Springwood Ranch 042Springwood Ranch 043Springwood Ranch 044 The food at Springwood Ranch is incredible! They do a classic BBQ. Everything has the right amount of spice, flavor, and the meat is cooked to perfection! When I learned that I would be photographing this venue once again, my mouth practically started watering. That’s how good the food is here!Springwood Ranch 027Springwood Ranch 029Springwood Ranch 045 The bridal party surprised Morgan and Gavin with a choreographed dance after the toasts. When the DJ started playing the dance music at a time that wasn’t on the schedule, Gavin looked back at him with the expression of “what are you doing?” since Gavin didn’t know that the bridal party was about to start their dance moves they secretly planned. It was a fun surprise, even the family members joined in after a couple minutes.Springwood Ranch 046Springwood Ranch 047Springwood Ranch 048Springwood Ranch 049 This little girl looked sweet and innocent, that is, until she got a cupcake in her hand. Then she became the cupcake monster as you can see with cupcake carcasses all strewn about!Springwood Ranch 050 This guy was a pretty smooth operator and really knew how to flirt with the ladies…Springwood Ranch 051Springwood Ranch 052Springwood Ranch 053Springwood Ranch 054Springwood Ranch 055Springwood Ranch 058Springwood Ranch 059Springwood Ranch 060Springwood Ranch 061Springwood Ranch 062Springwood Ranch 064Springwood Ranch 065Springwood Ranch 066 I was impressed with all of the good moves on the dance floor. These folks know how to have a good time when the music comes on!Springwood Ranch 056Springwood Ranch 057Springwood Ranch 063 Springwood Ranch 069I really like Springwood Ranch and highly recommend it! It has a beautiful area for the ceremony, which is located on the grass next to a creek, and the reception takes place in a fun barn. The backdrop for the photos is very scenic and has many opportunities for great photos. And last but not least, the food is amazing! Both times I’ve photographed here, my assistant, Paul, and I had an incredible BBQ meal!

We had a fun time capturing the beautiful moments that unfolded on this special day. Congratulations to Morgan and Gavin on their marriage! Springwood Ranch 068