Mike & Melissa’s engagement photo session on the Seattle ferry and at Pike Place Market

Mike and Melissa had a fun day getting photos for their engagement around the Seattle waterfront, Pike Place Market, and on the ferry. They came over to Seattle on the ferry named “Tacoma” (see photo of their ferry below) from Bainbridge Island to meet me at Pier 66. The sun was out making the emerald city glisten better than any other city I can think of on a sunny day. I was glad that I could capture this beautiful city on a good day for Mike & Melissa before they move to another state in a few months. They can look back on their time in Seattle through yellow tinted glasses and forget all about the many days of rain we’ve had this year that broke an all-time record.

After Pier 66, we walked through the Pike Place Market and took some photos. Like most couples, Mike & Melissa said no to photos with the gum wall. Every once in a while, I get a couple who wants to have that in their photos because of its unique, weird art made by everyday people that contributes some extra color to the Seattle landmark.

We then headed towards the ferry terminal and took a few more photos on the way. They wanted to make sure I captured one of their conflicts of interest they have in their relationship. She’s a Seahawks fan (Go Hawks!!!) and he’s a Broncos fan. So I took a couple photos of them having fun with their rivalry jerseys on before we boarded the ferry for Bainbridge Island.

They each live on the other side of the water so they weren’t used to being on the ferry together since one would come over to visit the other one when commuting by ferry.

I’m glad I was able to document this special time for them being together on the “Love Boat” during such a beautiful Seattle day! I am looking forward to photographing their wedding!Mike & Melissa Engagement-2-2Seattle Ferry Engagement-03Seattle Ferry Engagement-04Seattle Ferry Engagement-05Seattle Ferry Engagement-06Seattle Ferry Engagement-07Seattle Ferry Engagement-08Seattle Ferry Engagement-09Seattle Ferry Engagement-12Seattle Ferry Engagement-10Seattle Ferry Engagement-11Seattle Ferry Engagement-13Seattle Ferry Engagement-14Seattle Ferry Engagement-15Seattle Ferry Engagement-16Seattle Ferry Engagement-17Seattle Ferry Engagement-18Seattle Ferry Engagement-19Seattle Ferry Engagement-20Seattle Ferry Engagement-21Seattle Ferry Engagement-22