Lauren & Zach’s wedding at Monte Cristo Ballroom

Lauren & Zach’s special day took place at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett. Zach started getting ready in the upstairs dressing room (aka “man cave”).  The man cave came equipped with a big TV, cool masculine decorations, and foosball table. His groomsmen soon joined him for some games of foosball to let loose before the wedding. I remember seeing a shirt when I was younger and into foosball that read: “Stay loose, play foos” referring to foosball. It looked like it did a good job keeping Zach loose for his big day of photos.

Lauren also had a styling dressing room with some bridal flair where she got ready.

After Lauren and Zach were all dressed, they did their first look in a room near the entrance. Once they enjoyed their first look with each other, it was time for photos.

We took photos for a while and then the bride and groom rested before the ceremony. They sure did need the rest because their entrance into the ceremony was going to require a lot of energy.

As they entered the room for the ceremony, the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced down the aisle to a famous pop song. The crowd loved it and it appeared the bridal party loved doing it. Surprisingly, it was the first wedding I can remember photographing where the bridal party danced at the beginning of the ceremony. I had always secretly wanted to photograph that type of moment.

Once the bridal party had danced their way to the front, it was time for Lauren to make her entrance….and boy, did she make an entrance! I thought it was so cool how she had all that swag with the way she moved down the aisle.

After the ceremony, it was time for cocktails and appetizers in the lounge area. About an hour later, guests moved from the lounge to the dining area where they were seated briefly before getting up and going to one of the biggest buffet spreads I’ve ever seen at a wedding!

The guests ate some good food before going to the room next door and watching Lauren and Zach enjoy their first dance together as husband and wife. Then all of the guests danced the night away with them.

A big thank you goes to my 2nd photographer, Jared, for assisting me with lighting and capturing some great moments.

And a huge thank you goes to Lauren and Zach for trusting me to be their wedding photographer and having me capture their fun and special day. Congrats to Lauren and Zach!!!monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-001monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-003monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-004monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-005monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-006monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-007monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-010monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-013monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-011monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-008monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-009monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-012monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-016monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-015monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-017monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-018monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-019monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-020monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-022monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-021monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-023monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-026monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-027monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-028monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-029monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-030monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-031monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-032monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-033monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-044monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-034monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-035monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-036monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-037monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-038monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-039bdc_0478monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-061monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-040monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-041monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-042monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-043monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-044monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-045monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-048monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-046monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-047monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-049monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-050monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-053monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-056monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-059monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-060monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-061monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-062monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-064monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-065monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-076monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-077monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-078monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-079monte-cristo-ballroom-wedding-080