Joanna & Justin’s wedding at the World Trade Center in Seattle

Justin and Joanna’s wedding was a little different than other weddings I’ve photographed. First off, they’re bass players who’ve each played in good rock bands. When I first met them and they told me they played in bands, I thought to myself, “Oh, what a surprise, more rock musicians in Seattle.” I have to say that many people I know in Seattle have either played in a band or have a friend that plays in a band. The number of musicians in the coffee capital is probably on par with the number of photographers! There are so many people into the arts scene which is a great thing! But when I listened to their bands online, I was quite impressed!

Another part of their wedding that was different was that they didn’t use a knife to cut the cake. They used a sword! Justin is a Navy officer and was dressed in his Navy formals. Getting a piece of cake with a little butter knife wasn’t going to cut it for this top brass member.

They had their wedding ceremony and reception at the World Trade Center in Seattle. When the reception was starting to wind down after midnight, Justin and friends had the main band take a breather while they took the stage and rocked out. He sang a song to his bride and then her friend dedicated a song she played with her guitar. It was the best way to cap off two bass players’ wedding day in Seattle.

Best wishes to this bride and groom as they start their marriage off with a move to Boston where the groom will be attending a great college – M.I.T. World Trade Center Seattle_0001World Trade Center Seattle_0002World Trade Center Seattle_0003 World Trade Center Seattle_0004World Trade Center Seattle_0005World Trade Center Seattle_0006World Trade Center Seattle_0007World Trade Center Seattle_0008World Trade Center Seattle_0009World Trade Center Seattle_0010World Trade Center Seattle_0011 The flowers were provided by Sublime Stems. World Trade Center Seattle_0015 World Trade Center Seattle_0012 Seattle Bride 3World Trade Center Seattle_0014 World Trade Center Seattle_0016Seattle BrideWorld Trade Center Seattle_0019World Trade Center Seattle_0020 World Trade Center Seattle_0021World Trade Center Seattle_0022World Trade Center Seattle_0023World Trade Center Seattle_0024World Trade Center Seattle_0025World Trade Center Seattle_0026 World Trade Center Seattle_0027World Trade Center Seattle_0028 World Trade Center Seattle_0029World Trade Center Seattle_0030World Trade Center Seattle_0031World Trade Center Seattle_0032World Trade Center Seattle_0033World Trade Center Seattle_0034 Thanks to my highly talented 2nd photographer, Tara Brown, for assisting me with this wedding. She was able to capture some great moments while I was busy capturing other great moments. This is why I highly recommend two photographers to capture a wedding day. With two photographers, a couple will get the best angles and will have a much greater chance of getting those beautiful moments captured that are happening all at once. World Trade Center Seattle_0035World Trade Center Seattle_0036World Trade Center Seattle_0037World Trade Center Seattle_0038World Trade Center Seattle_0039World Trade Center Seattle_0040World Trade Center Seattle_0041World Trade Center Seattle_0042World Trade Center Seattle_0043World Trade Center Seattle_0044 It rained a little bit on the wedding day but it had stopped during the time I was able to spend photographing the couple at the Pike Place Market. So I figured that I would throw some rain into their photo to tell the story that it did rain on their wedding day and for them to remember the city of rain while they are enjoying sunnier days in Boston. World Trade Center Seattle_0045 The Pike Place Market has been around for a number of years. I thought it would be a good idea to capture it in black and white, especially since the groom was wearing a timeless Navy officer’s suit. It reminds me of the classic sailor kissing a nurse in New York’s Time Square, only this is the Seattle version. World Trade Center Seattle_0047I wanted to take the couple to another famous landmark of Seattle so they would have some classic photos of Seattle to take with them to Boston. I thought the Experience Music Project (EMP) would be a good location since it has the Space Needle nearby and would be a fun reflection to capture on the building’s wall. The image in color below was also photographed at the EMP. World Trade Center Seattle_0049Seattle Bride 8World Trade Center Seattle_0048World Trade Center Seattle_0051World Trade Center Seattle_0052World Trade Center Seattle_0053   My first time photographing a couple cutting the cake with a sword! World Trade Center Seattle_0054World Trade Center Seattle_0055World Trade Center Seattle_0056World Trade Center Seattle_0057World Trade Center Seattle_0058World Trade Center Seattle_0059World Trade Center Seattle_0060World Trade Center Seattle_0061World Trade Center Seattle_0062 The band they hired, Michael Benson Band, was very talented! I had fun eating dinner with them at the reception. I noticed their fun comradery at the table and figured they had been together for a while. They said they had been playing for over 30 years! A couple of the members knew my former private trumpet instructor from my high school days! They were a lot of fun! World Trade Center Seattle_0064World Trade Center Seattle_0063World Trade Center Seattle_0046