Engagement session in the woods of Washington with Lindsey & Joel

I always enjoy doing an engagement photo session with a couple I’ll be photographing at their wedding. It allows us to get to know one another so that when the wedding day comes, I’m not some stranger to them. They’ll know what to expect from me and will be more relaxed because of it. Being relaxed is the key to good photos. Besides, what couple would want to have the added stress of an unknown person escorting them around for a few hours on their wedding day and taking intimate photos of them. Weddings are already stressful enough for a couple!

The engagement session I did with this couple was not my standard Seattle location where I like to take couples and photograph them. It was in an area near Monroe where we had to take a long dirt road with many big potholes to get to it. But it was well worth it when I saw the amazing property! I knew that it was going to be a fun day of photography!

This location has special meaning to Lindsey and Joel since it’s where Joel proposed to Lindsey. It’s also a place they like to get away to for some good quiet time. I’m glad they wanted to do their photo session in a non-traditional place such as this one. Here are some of the scenes I was able to capture on my camera…

Lindsey & Joel-66

Lindsey & Joel-7

Lindsey & Joel-15

Lindsey & Joel-6

Lindsey & Joel-5

Engagement Washington-1

Lindsey & Joel-10

Engagement Washington-2

Lindsey & Joel-20

Lindsey & Joel-22

Lindsey & Joel-24

Lindsey & Joel-27

Lindsey & Joel-25

Lindsey & Joel-33

Engagement Washington-3

Lindsey & Joel-39

Lindsey & Joel-40

Lindsey & Joel-43

Lindsey & Joel-44

Lindsey & Joel-46

Lindsey & Joel-47

Lindsey & Joel-48

Lindsey & Joel-50

Lindsey & Joel-54

Lindsey & Joel-59

Lindsey & Joel-60

Lindsey & Joel-64