Alice & David’s engagement photos from Mercer Island and Seattle

Alice and David got together with me to do some engagement photos in the autumn of 2015 at two different locations: Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island and Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle. They suggested we do some photos at the Luther Burbank Park because it is a place they enjoy spending time together. I had never been to that park with my camera before so I was excited to see what photos I could come up with for Alice and David. I was a little familiar with the park after having run my very first race there. It was only a 5K run but seemed much longer at the time!

I really enjoyed the views of the park at a much slower pace than a 5K race! I also had a good time getting to know Alice and David more and photographing them. I am excited to be a part of their wedding day and capture their special moments in May of 2016!

The first photos you see were taken at Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle and the photos below those are from the park on Mercer Island.engagement-photos-mercer-island-01engagement-photos-mercer-island-02engagement-photos-mercer-island-03engagement-photos-mercer-island-04engagement-photos-mercer-island-05engagement-photos-mercer-island-06engagement-photos-mercer-island-07engagement-photos-mercer-island-08engagement-photos-mercer-island-09engagement-photos-mercer-island-10engagement-photos-mercer-island-11engagement-photos-mercer-island-12engagement-photos-mercer-island-13engagement-photos-mercer-island-14engagement-photos-mercer-island-15engagement-photos-mercer-island-16engagement-photos-mercer-island-17engagement-photos-mercer-island-18engagement-photos-mercer-island-19engagement-photos-mercer-island-20