Rich & Emily’s wedding at the Hotel 1000

Rich and Emily’s day started off at the Hyatt at Olive 8 where they got ready. A couple years ago, I photographed another couple getting ready at Olive 8 and was excited that I was going there again because it’s such a photogenic place.

After capturing moments of them getting ready and the girls having their mimosas, the bridal party and family members all boarded the Emerald City Trolley in front of Olive 8 for Olympic Sculpture Park.  We walked around the park to photograph the bridal party with a beautiful backdrop of the city on one side and the water on the other side. At the end of our session at the park, I snapped some photos of Rich and Emily with their families and then it was time to head to the beautiful Hotel 1000 so they could get some relaxation before the ceremony.

I really like the Hotel 1000 venue because it has a nice space for wedding ceremonies and receptions and the pleasant staff there are always so helpful.  The ceremony area has a lot of window light which photographers love because it makes the photos for the bride and groom better than a dark room with no windows like many venues around town. The reception area for eating the meal is conveniently located through the doors of the ceremony space.

The ceremony included a ring security boy who stoled the show! I would like to think of him as the opening act because he had people smiling and laughing at the way he pulled off his strut down the aisle with 110% confidence! He appeared to everyone as the little man on a mission. These are some of the moments that make me passionate about wedding photography. I wake up on the morning of a wedding that I’m photographing and ask myself, “What moments will I be capturing today that will be fun or special?” And when I saw this boy’s walk down the aisle, I knew this was one of those moments and was glad I was able to photograph it to share it with you. It’s been an honor to see it published on Moment Junkie – a blog devoted to showcasing the best in contemporary wedding photojournalism.


The reception followed with guests eating some delicious looking meals and members of the wedding party giving toasts to Rich and Emily. After everyone was finished eating their meals, we all headed back over to the transformed ceremony space where the cake table was ready for the cake to be cut and the dance floor ready for everyone to dance the night away. But first, I had to try something my mouth was watering for after I saw one on the cake table – a French macaron. The last time I had one of these tasty treats was December in Paris. I thought this macaron couldn’t come close to the real thing but I have to say, my palate was pleasantly pleased! If you would like to have the same ones yourself, be sure to check them out at Lady Yum.

I was happy to see my friends, Ryan and Chariti, at the wedding having fun. I photographed their wedding a couple years ago but because they went with a vintage themed wedding, I decided I would make a rare exception to my photography style and edit their photos with a vintage feel to them. You can have a look at their wedding here.

It was an honor to have been a part of Rich and Emily’s wedding day. A big thank you to my 2nd photographer, Tara, for capturing some beautiful moments and details of the wedding. Congratulations to Rich and Emily!!

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Event Planner: Natalie at Ginger Bee Events and Planning

Venue: Hotel 1000 – Mitchell Ray Rodriguez

Videographer: Seattle Wedding Videography – Ryan Graves

Flowers by: Geneva Diane Designs

Tasty treats by: Lady Yum

DJ: DJ Justin at Otto-Matic Mobile Music

Transportation: Emerald City Trolley

Linens (chair ties & table runners): BBJ Linen