Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington

I always love the chance when I get to work with kids. They’re so unpredictable and I always know there will be some fantastic moments to capture on my camera. They can definitely be challenging given how fast their expressions come and go and how much they move. Perhaps that is why I like photographing them so much.

Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington hired me to photograph some of their Wish kids for their advertising campaigns and miscellaneous uses. It was hard to believe these kids had been through life-threatening medical conditions because they were so upbeat and loved modeling for me.

One of the memorable moments of my photography time was with one of the Wish kids, Violet. She was wearing her superhero cape and all of a sudden, she said to me: “Hold on! I gotta go rescue my mom!” Then she started running to her mom across the field. If she could be a superhero and rescue people every day, she would definitely sign up for that since she really enjoys helping people. Since our photo time, she has gone on to become one of the most frequent guests of Ellen DeGeneres. To see Violet on her show, you can start with her first appearance.