Photography assignments in Japan – 2014 in review

I was blessed to photograph a few assignments in Japan in 2014 and spend time with good friends I’ve made there since my first assignment I did only weeks after the earthquake/tsunami of 2011. Since then, I’ve had some amazing experiences by immersing myself in their beautiful land and culture through festivals, food, and photography.

If you ever have a chance to take a trip to Japan, I highly recommend it! You will be treated with respect and made to feel like a king. You will be impressed with their attention to detail, their incredibly tasty and healthy food, efficient transportation system, extremely polite people, relaxing hot springs, top of the line chair massagers, and beautiful land. One nice thing about traveling through Japan as opposed to most other countries is that you can relax a lot more and not have to watch your back because there is very little crime there and businesses don’t try to take advantage of you.

Below are some photos I took during my assignments at a private school (two campuses) in Sendai (one hour flight north of Tokyo) throughout 2014. For most of the assignments, I met with a team of graphic designers there who use my images for school booklets, newsletters, English language program, website, and for advertisements in the local newspapers. They had very specific needs for their upcoming collateral and communicated those to me on each assignment. I did not include very many of the photos from their requests on this blog post but only the ones I thought that would give you a good idea of what life is like at their school.japan-kindergarten_0046japan-kindergarten_0001japan-kindergarten_0002japan-kindergarten_0003japan-kindergarten_0004japan-kindergarten_0005japan-kindergarten_0006japan-kindergarten_0007japan-kindergarten_0008japan-kindergarten_0009japan-kindergarten_0010japan-kindergarten_0011japan-kindergarten_0012japan-kindergarten_0013japan-kindergarten_0014japan-kindergarten_0015japan-kindergarten_0016japan-kindergarten_0017japan-kindergarten_0018japan-kindergarten_0019japan-kindergarten_0020japan-kindergarten_0021japan-kindergarten_0022japan-kindergarten_0023japan-kindergarten_0024japan-kindergarten_0025japan-kindergarten_0026japan-kindergarten_0027japan-kindergarten_0028japan-kindergarten_0029japan-kindergarten_0030japan-kindergarten_0031japan-kindergarten_0032japan-kindergarten_0033japan-kindergarten_0034japan-kindergarten_0035japan-kindergarten_0036japan-kindergarten_0037japan-kindergarten_0038japan-kindergarten_0039japan-kindergarten_0040japan-kindergarten_0041japan-kindergarten_0042japan-kindergarten_0043japan-kindergarten_0044japan-kindergarten_0045japan-kindergarten_0047japan-kindergarten_0048japan-kindergarten_0049japan-kindergarten_0050japan-kindergarten_0051