Lindsey & Joel’s Wedding at the Brown Family Homestead near Leavenworth

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Lindsey through photography assignments that her company has had me do for them over the past few years. She’s been great to work with so when I found out Lindsey wanted me to photograph her wedding, I was very excited! I also knew that with her and her friends’ event planning experience, it was going to be an epic wedding. I hope the photos below do justice to this incredible wedding!

Congratulations to Lindsey and Joel!! Thank you for allowing my 2nd photographer, Paul, and me to capture these special moments of your blessed day!

Brown Family Homestead-115Brown Family Homestead-006Brown Family Homestead-003Brown Family Homestead-004Brown Family Homestead-005Brown Family Homestead-018Brown Family Homestead-205Brown Family Homestead-007Brown Family Homestead-008Brown Family Homestead-009Brown Family Homestead-206Brown Family Homestead-207Brown Family Homestead-013Brown Family Homestead-014Brown Family Homestead-016Brown Family Homestead-019Brown Family Homestead-020Brown Family Homestead-021Brown Family Homestead-015Brown Family Homestead-200Brown Family Homestead-022Brown Family Homestead-023Brown Family Homestead-025Brown Family Homestead-202Brown Family Homestead-027Brown Family Homestead-028Brown Family Homestead-029Brown Family Homestead-030Brown Family Homestead-031Brown Family Homestead-032Brown Family Homestead-033Brown Family Homestead-034Brown Family Homestead-035Brown Family Homestead-036Brown Family Homestead-037Brown Family Homestead-038Brown Family Homestead-039Brown Family Homestead-040Brown Family Homestead-041Brown Family Homestead-042Brown Family Homestead-043Brown Family Homestead-044Brown Family Homestead-045Brown Family Homestead-046Brown Family Homestead-047Brown Family Homestead-048Brown Family Homestead-203Brown Family Homestead-050Brown Family Homestead-051Brown Family Homestead-052Brown Family Homestead-054Brown Family Homestead-057Brown Family Homestead-058Brown Family Homestead-060Brown Family Homestead-059Brown Family Homestead-066Brown Family Homestead-067Brown Family Homestead-141

Brown Family Homestead-068Brown Family Homestead-064Brown Family Homestead-069Brown Family Homestead-204Brown Family Homestead-070Brown Family Homestead-071Brown Family Homestead-084Brown Family Homestead-072Brown Family Homestead-073Brown Family Homestead-074Brown Family Homestead-075Brown Family Homestead-076Brown Family Homestead-077Brown Family Homestead-078Brown Family Homestead-079Brown Family Homestead-080Brown Family Homestead-081Brown Family Homestead-082Brown Family Homestead-083Brown Family Homestead-085Brown Family Homestead-086Brown Family Homestead-087Brown Family Homestead-088Brown Family Homestead-089Brown Family Homestead-090Brown Family Homestead-091Brown Family Homestead-092Brown Family Homestead-093Brown Family Homestead-094Brown Family Homestead-096Brown Family Homestead-053Brown Family Homestead-056Brown Family Homestead-055Brown Family Homestead-061Brown Family Homestead-062Brown Family Homestead-097Brown Family Homestead-100Brown Family Homestead-101Brown Family Homestead-098Brown Family Homestead-102Brown Family Homestead-103Brown Family Homestead-104Brown Family Homestead-105Brown Family Homestead-106Brown Family Homestead-109Brown Family Homestead-107Brown Family Homestead-108Brown Family Homestead-110Brown Family Homestead-111Brown Family Homestead-113Brown Family Homestead-112Brown Family Homestead-114Brown Family Homestead-118Brown Family Homestead-117Brown Family Homestead-119Brown Family Homestead-120Brown Family Homestead-122Brown Family Homestead-121Brown Family Homestead-123Brown Family Homestead-124Brown Family Homestead-125Brown Family Homestead-126Brown Family Homestead-128Brown Family Homestead-129Brown Family Homestead-130Brown Family Homestead-127Brown Family Homestead-131Brown Family Homestead-132Brown Family Homestead-133Brown Family Homestead-134Brown Family Homestead-135Brown Family Homestead-137Brown Family Homestead-136Brown Family Homestead-138Brown Family Homestead-139Brown Family Homestead-140Brown Family Homestead-116