Dave & Nathalie’s Wedding Ceremony at St. Stephen The Martyr Chapel and Reception at Sanders Estate

I enjoyed photographing Dave and Nathalie’s wedding ceremony at St. Stephen the Martyr. It was a small chapel but perfect size for their small gathering of close friends and family members. It was the first time for me photographing a couple’s newborn during a ceremony. It definitely had challenging moments due to teething and no nap time for the newborn but I welcomed those challenges. It’s one of the many reasons why I enjoy being a photographer. What I’ve learned over years of photographing babies and kids is that you often have to get candids of them and not count on the formal photos that are all setup nicely with everyone smiling except them. I hope you enjoy those candid photos below.

Once Dave and Nathalie walked out of the chapel to the greetings of bubbles blown by their guests, it was time to head to the reception at Sanders Estate.

Sanders Estate is located in a rural area of Renton. It’s a nice property filled with ponds, a large white swan, woods, a couple large lawn areas, and a big house. It was purchased by Blue Ribbon, one of my favorite caterers! They always make amazing food and have really good service at the many weddings I’ve photographed.

Sanders Estate was a great fit for the number of guests Dave and Nathalie had for the reception. It had a feeling of being in their home for a nice dinner and dancing party. And of course they had a nice bar in the corner of the home for guests who wanted to drink as well as an area designated for cupcakes and a cake for the bride and groom.

The reception was filled with good times and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. See for yourself in the photos below.

Congratulations to Dave and Nathalie!


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