Danielle & Jeff’s wedding at Sodo Park

Danielle and Jeff’s wedding took place down the street from the Seahawk’s playoff game against the Detroit Lions in Seattle. Although they didn’t go to the game, they showed a lot of Seahawk spirit during the photo shoot and had some Seahawks’ gear to wear outside on the cold Northwest winter day.

Danielle and Jeff’s day started off with their first look inside the Sodo Park venue. After Jeff saw Danielle in her beautiful dress, we went around the venue to do photos of just them enjoying each other. The bridal party joined us later for photos inside and outside. I’m glad they were okay with being outside in near freezing temperatures for photos. It was great to have a wide variety of different scenery.

Once we took family photos, the bride and groom relaxed and got ready for the big ceremony. Everything went smoothly for the ceremony and cocktail hour that followed. The guests had some drinks and fun conversations with each other then it was time for dinner which included a nice variety of tasty food.

After guests had their dinner, it was time for the couple’s first dance. Danielle and Jeff did a great job by doing some swing dance moves.

The band that the bride and groom hired, The Nines, was really talented and kept the crowd energized throughout the reception. The groomsmen were so energized, they lifted the groom up for some crowd surfing during a song. Photos of it are below.

It was great to be a part of Danielle and Jeff’s big day and capture their fun moments. A big thank you to my 2nd photographer, Paul, for capturing some great scenes!

Congratulations to Danielle & Jeff!!!

Venue: Sodo Park

Caterer: Herban Feast

Florist: Herban Design Studio

Band: The Nines

Linens: Cort Party Rentals

Lighting: Blue Danube Productions

Cake: Eat Me! Cakes and Confections By Jamie Nicole, LLC

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