Ben & Chelly’s Wedding in Virginia at Stevenson Ridge

Anytime I can travel for my photography business, I get excited. I have a travel bug that keeps me wanting to explore the world no matter how many times I get out there, even when it’s 17 airports and 5 countries like I did last year. This year, my travels started off with Ben and Chelly’s wedding near Fredericksburg, Virginia. The wedding venue was located in a town with a unique name: Spotsylvania.

This was the first wedding I’ve photographed for a family member, my nephew, Ben, and the love of his life, Chelly. They got married at a venue I approved of as a wedding photographer. I’m pretty picky when it comes to what I recommend for venues because I’ve photographed at a number of them in the state of Washington over the past 11 years. Fortunately, when Ben & Chelly showed me the place where they were getting married, I was excited because it had a good combination of things I like such as a lot of property, trees, bridge, a pond with a nice dock, big house to get ready in with antique furniture, cabins for the guys, and a nice building to have the ceremony, dinner and dancing in.

Ben & Chelly’s big day started off with fantastic weather. It was a blue sky and the temperature was just right. Ben got ready in the cabin next to the pond and after a few photos of him, I went over to the big house where the bride was getting ready. After photographing her around the property, it was time for her to relax and wait for the ceremony.

Once the ceremony was complete, we quickly took some more photos and then it was time for the dinner and the reception.

After dancing the night away and eating some delicious wedding cake my brother made, they decided to do a sparkler exit which concluded a fun and beautiful wedding day.

A big congrats to my nephew, Ben, and his lovely bride, Chelly, on tying the knot!Stevenson Ridge Wedding-001Stevenson Ridge Wedding-002Stevenson Ridge Wedding-003Stevenson Ridge Wedding-004Stevenson Ridge Wedding-005Stevenson Ridge Wedding-006Stevenson Ridge Wedding-007Stevenson Ridge Wedding-008Stevenson Ridge Wedding-009Stevenson Ridge Wedding-010Stevenson Ridge Wedding-011Stevenson Ridge Wedding-012Stevenson Ridge Wedding-013Stevenson Ridge Wedding-014Stevenson Ridge Wedding-015Stevenson Ridge Wedding-016Stevenson Ridge Wedding-017Stevenson Ridge Wedding-018Stevenson Ridge Wedding-019Stevenson Ridge Wedding-020Stevenson Ridge Wedding-021Stevenson Ridge Wedding-022Stevenson Ridge Wedding-023Stevenson Ridge Wedding-024Stevenson Ridge Wedding-025Stevenson Ridge Wedding-026Stevenson Ridge Wedding-027Stevenson Ridge Wedding-028Stevenson Ridge Wedding-029Stevenson Ridge Wedding-030Stevenson Ridge Wedding-031Stevenson Ridge Wedding-032Stevenson Ridge Wedding-033Stevenson Ridge Wedding-034Stevenson Ridge Wedding-035Stevenson Ridge Wedding-036Stevenson Ridge Wedding-043Stevenson Ridge Wedding-044Stevenson Ridge Wedding-045Stevenson Ridge Wedding-046Stevenson Ridge Wedding-047Stevenson Ridge Wedding-048Stevenson Ridge Wedding-049Stevenson Ridge Wedding-050Stevenson Ridge Wedding-051Stevenson Ridge Wedding-052Stevenson Ridge Wedding-053Stevenson Ridge Wedding-054Stevenson Ridge Wedding-055Stevenson Ridge Wedding-056Stevenson Ridge Wedding-057Stevenson Ridge Wedding-058Stevenson Ridge Wedding-059Stevenson Ridge Wedding-060Stevenson Ridge Wedding-061Stevenson Ridge Wedding-062Stevenson Ridge Wedding-064Stevenson Ridge Wedding-065Stevenson Ridge Wedding-039Stevenson Ridge Wedding-040Stevenson Ridge Wedding-066Stevenson Ridge Wedding-041Stevenson Ridge Wedding-037Stevenson Ridge Wedding-042Stevenson Ridge Wedding-068Stevenson Ridge Wedding-067Stevenson Ridge Wedding-069Stevenson Ridge Wedding-070Stevenson Ridge Wedding-071Stevenson Ridge Wedding-072Stevenson Ridge Wedding-073Stevenson Ridge Wedding-074Stevenson Ridge Wedding-075Stevenson Ridge Wedding-076Stevenson Ridge Wedding-077Stevenson Ridge Wedding-078Stevenson Ridge Wedding-079Stevenson Ridge Wedding-080Stevenson Ridge Wedding-081Stevenson Ridge Wedding-082Stevenson Ridge Wedding-083Stevenson Ridge Wedding-084Stevenson Ridge Wedding-085Stevenson Ridge Wedding-086Stevenson Ridge Wedding-087Stevenson Ridge Wedding-088Stevenson Ridge Wedding-089Stevenson Ridge Wedding-090Stevenson Ridge Wedding-091Stevenson Ridge Wedding-092Stevenson Ridge Wedding-093Stevenson Ridge Wedding-094Stevenson Ridge Wedding-095Stevenson Ridge Wedding-096Stevenson Ridge Wedding-097Stevenson Ridge Wedding-098Stevenson Ridge Wedding-099Stevenson Ridge Wedding-100Stevenson Ridge Wedding-101Stevenson Ridge Wedding-102Stevenson Ridge Wedding-103Stevenson Ridge Wedding-104Stevenson Ridge Wedding-105