Andy & Elizabeth | Woodmark Hotel and Still Spa

This was my first time photographing at the Woodmark Hotel and Still Spa. What a fantastic venue for a wedding with a stunning view of Lake Washington! I really liked the way the hotel used the nautical theme for their decor.

Andy and Elizabeth were blessed with nice weather to be able to enjoy the scenery at the lakefront. It was also a special treat for their guests because the Woodmark has their ceremony area setup so guests can see the lake while watching the couple get married.

After all of the crazy dancing at the reception, I had to tell Andy that I’ve never seen a groom with as much energy he had that night which included an extreme limbo move, carrying the bride around more than once, and busting out all those other moves on the dance floor (see photos below)! I could tell he had the most amazing day!

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple to get married. I’m so glad to hear Elizabeth say that it was the “best day of my life!” My second photographer, Tara, and myself were honored to be part of that best day experience. Congratulations to Andy and Elizabeth!