Amelia Island Wedding – Florida

I mostly shoot weddings as the main photographer and hire a 2nd photographer to get different angles for the couple and make sure all of those great moments of a couple’s day are captured by myself or my 2nd photographer. On rare occasions, I get hired by a wedding photographer here in Seattle to be the 2nd photographer. I like being a 2nd photographer because it allows me more creativity and less stress. The main photographer typically takes the best location to get the best shot. I enjoy the challenge of trying to get the best shot in the 2nd best location. Being a 2nd photographer also allows me to pick up photo ideas from another photographer who often photographs high-end weddings and I can apply these photographic/pose techniques to my own clients. Finally, being a 2nd photographer gives me the opportunity to travel out of the state/country and photograph gorgeous destination weddings.

I was hired to be a 2nd photographer at the Florida wedding below. It took place in October, 2013. It was starting to get cold in Seattle at the time I left and when I got to Florida, I put away my jacket until I returned to Seattle 5 days later. I feel so much better when I can escape to a warm destination during the cold months of Seattle.

Below are some photos I took during my Florida wedding trip where I was the hired 2nd photographer.






This looks like the perfect place to enjoy a wedding in the sun but I have to say that if you are not applying mosquito repellent here every hour or two, you are in for some itching! I’ve never seen mosquitos so fast as the ones here. In Seattle, they take their time zeroing in on their target but in Florida, they land on you as fast at flies and immediately start sucking the blood!



We did a photo shoot at three different locations (see below) the day after the wedding. The bride and groom had a lot of fun with us photographing them and appeared to be relieved that all of their stresses leading up to the big day were now gone…




The warm beach sand was a welcomed treat for my feet in October! The bride and groom seemed to enjoy it as well!