Amanda & Johnny’s engagement session at the Arboretum and Discovery Park

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Amanda ever since she was in junior high school. I became friends with her dad when I worked with him back in my days as a civil engineer. He would have his two girls visit the office once in a great while and I would always say hi and see what they were up to.

As the years went on, I started getting into photography, so much so that I started a business on the side while I was doing engineering work. I began photographing weddings, families, and senior portraits. After a few years of doing this, Amanda became a senior and her dad hired me to do her senior photos. It was fun to photograph this girl who was growing into a woman and entering her last year of high school.

Fast forward six years, Amanda announced that she was getting married to a wonderful guy she had met. I was so excited for her, not only because she had found someone to love and be loved by, but I would possibly be her wedding photographer! I told her that it was perfectly fine for her to hire another photographer for her wedding since my style may not be the style they would want for their wedding. When she told me that they wanted me as their photographer, I was ecstatic!

Knowing her and her family for this long and having done some photo shoots with her, I started wondering if I would be able to hold it all together photographing her walking down the aisle with her father (my friend). I’ve never been in this type of situation before. Only time will tell.

Amanda and Johnny decided to have their engagement photo session at the Arboretum and Discovery Park, both in Seattle. They were engaged before Christmas but decided to wait on photos until the end of March for the better weather and the beautiful spring scenery of the northwest. I’m glad they did because the Arboretum was full of vibrant colors as you can tell from the photos below. Congratulations to Amanda and Johnny on their engagement! I look forward to photographing their wedding!arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-19arboretum-discovery-park-engagementarboretum-discovery-park-engagement-3arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-4arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-5arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-6arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-8arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-10arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-11arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-23arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-12arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-13arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-15arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-17arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-18arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-20arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-21arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-22arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-25arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-27arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-28arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-31arboretum-discovery-park-engagement-29