Alice & David’s engagement session at UW with cherry blossoms

Alice and David met while attending UW. They wanted to make sure they had photos showing their love for each other at the place they fell in love.

Although I’m a WSU alum, I have to admit that UW also has a pretty nice campus. For photography around the Seattle area, it’s tough to beat when the cherry blossom trees are blooming at the Quad!

When David, Alice, and I scheduled the engagement session about 3 weeks prior, we had no idea what the cherry blossoms would look like. I was keeping my fingers crossed that they were still going to be in bloom. And if they weren’t, that was perfectly fine because it’s a very photogenic campus.

We ended up having good and bad luck on the day of the session. The bad was that it started raining the moment we did photos outside the Suzzallo library. The good was that the sun came out once in a while to give us some nice light for the photos. And because I had purchased a UW umbrella at the book store prior to the session (don’t tell any of my WSU friends or they may think I’m becoming a Husky!), we could still do photos during the rain. Even though the Husky umbrella broke within one hour of use (please note that my Coug umbrella is in great shape and is going on 5 years now), we were still able to make it work.

It was a quick engagement photo session because I had already photographed Alice & David in the autumn. I’m glad that we were still able to get some nice scenery thanks to the sun fighting with the rain.

Even though I root for the other team during Apple Cup, I was rooting for them and their love on this day in the land of the Huskies.UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-01UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-02UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-03UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-04UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-05UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-06UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-07UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-08UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-09UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-10UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-11UW Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session-12