Alexander & Sara’s Wedding at University Presbyterian Church

I felt honored that my friend, Alex, would choose me to photograph his wedding day! In the process of photographing his engagement session and wedding, I got to know his bride-to-be, Sara, a little more. What I discovered is that she is a good fit for him and I’m very happy he found such a good catch!

Alex & Sara decided to get ready at the Seattle Tennis Club before going to their church for the ceremony.  Here are a few of the getting ready photos at STC…Seattle Tennis Club-90Seattle Tennis Club-4 Seattle Tennis Club-2Seattle Tennis Club-7Seattle Tennis Club-8Seattle Tennis Club-11Seattle Tennis Club-13Seattle Tennis Club-15Seattle Tennis Club-21Seattle Tennis Club-23Seattle Tennis Club-24Seattle Tennis Club-28 Sara always dreamed of having the “first look” on the dock at the Seattle Tennis Club. It was a privilege to be able to photograph this special time for them. Seattle Tennis Club-29Seattle Tennis Club-31Seattle Tennis Club-32Seattle Tennis Club-33Seattle Tennis Club-35Seattle Tennis Club-39Seattle Tennis Club-40Seattle Tennis Club-41Seattle Tennis Club-44Seattle Tennis Club-45Seattle Tennis Club-47Seattle Tennis Club-48Alex & Sara-0274a Seattle Tennis Club-52Seattle Tennis Club-53Seattle Tennis Club-55Seattle Tennis Club-56Seattle Tennis Club-57Seattle Tennis Club-58Seattle Tennis Club-59Seattle Tennis Club-62Seattle Tennis Club-63Seattle Tennis Club-65Seattle Tennis Club-67Seattle Tennis Club-68 Alex and Sara had their ceremony at University Presbyterian Church where it had extra meaning to them because this is where they attend. Seattle Tennis Club-71Seattle Tennis Club-74Seattle Tennis Club-75Seattle Tennis Club-76Seattle Tennis Club-77Seattle Tennis Club-78Seattle Tennis Club-79Seattle Tennis Club-80Seattle Tennis Club-81Seattle Tennis Club-82Seattle Tennis Club-84Seattle Tennis Club-86 This is the first time in all of my wedding photography that I’ve witnessed a number of guests giving a standing ovation when the couple tied the knot. Seattle Tennis Club-87Seattle Tennis Club-88Seattle Tennis Club-89 Alex has always been known to throw fun parties so I knew this would be on the epic scale, especially the reception being held at the Seattle Tennis Club!  Sara helped Alex take his party to a new level! It was very good! I was fortunate to be able to enjoy the party while photographing friends! I hope these images show you how much fun their party was as well as the beauty of their reception venue. Congratulations to Alex and Sara!!! Seattle Tennis Club-91Seattle Tennis Club-92 Seattle Tennis Club-61Seattle Tennis Club-94Seattle Tennis Club-95Seattle Tennis Club-97Seattle Tennis Club-98Seattle Tennis Club-99Seattle Tennis Club-103Seattle Tennis Club-108Seattle Tennis Club-109Seattle Tennis Club-111Seattle Tennis Club-114Seattle Tennis Club-115Seattle Tennis Club-116Seattle Tennis Club-120Seattle Tennis Club-122Seattle Tennis Club-124Seattle Tennis Club-126Seattle Tennis Club-128Seattle Tennis Club-129Seattle Tennis Club-130Seattle Tennis Club-132Seattle Tennis Club-134Seattle Tennis Club-135Seattle Tennis Club-138Seattle Tennis Club-140