Samantha & Daniel’s engagement session at Green Lake


I always enjoy the chance to do photography at one of my favorite hangout spots of Seattle – Green Lake! Samantha and Daniel asked me to be their wedding photographer and wanted some engagement photos at one of their favorite spots – Green Lake! It was a win-win situation for me since I could enjoy the scenery at Green Lake and have fun photographing this nice couple.

The wooded area you see in the photos below is just across the street from the lake. I think it provides nice Pacific Northwest scenery and adds more variety than just the lake.

I’m looking forward to photographing part 2 of Samantha and Daniel’s engagement session in the autumn at another location!green-lake-engagement-photos-01green-lake-engagement-photos-02green-lake-engagement-photos-03green-lake-engagement-photos-04green-lake-engagement-photos-05green-lake-engagement-photos-06green-lake-engagement-photos-07green-lake-engagement-photos-08green-lake-engagement-photos-09green-lake-engagement-photos-10green-lake-engagement-photos-11green-lake-engagement-photos-12green-lake-engagement-photos-13green-lake-engagement-photos-14green-lake-engagement-photos-15green-lake-engagement-photos-16green-lake-engagement-photos-17green-lake-engagement-photos-18green-lake-engagement-photos-19green-lake-engagement-photos-20green-lake-engagement-photos-21green-lake-engagement-photos-22green-lake-engagement-photos-23green-lake-engagement-photos-24green-lake-engagement-bdc

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