2014 – what a year!


My head is still spinning from all the places I was able to see this past year! It was the most traveling I’ve done in my life! After it was all said and done for 2014, I had been to Japan 3 times, California 3 times, Riviera Maya (Mexico), Hawaii, and Paris.

Below are the photos from my photography assignments and vacation. You will see photos from (in order) Riviera Maya (wedding), San Francisco, Hawaii, Paris, Yosemite, Disneyland, Seattle, Bellevue, The Palouse (Eastern Washington), Mt. Rainier, Skagit Valley, Japan, and Seattle again.

I was hoping to include a lot of wedding photos that I didn’t post on my blog in 2014  as well as more California photos but due to time constraints, this is all I can post. Besides, I don’t want to overwhelm you! Please enjoy the photos!



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